Our Review of the Little Georgie Sunhats!!!

In a few weeks time, my little man Yo and I will be heading for a tropical paradise holiday. And I'm exhilarated that we got our Little Georgie Sunhats in the mail just in time for our vacation!

Our Little Georgie package has arrived!

Inside the package. Kimberley put in some yummy Yupis!!! My favorite! Thank you!

Overview of Little Georgie 

Little Georgie is an Aussie business owned by mum boss Kimberley. Kimberley has always been interested in fashion and design and this business is one outlet for her creativity. 

The Little Georgie tag and impeccable craftsmanship up close.

The concept of Little Georgie was born on the 29th of March 2012 with its trademark approved on the 26th of March 2015. Their home office is located in Exmouth, Western Australia and since then has been creating the perfect Sun hat to protect our little bubs as they enjoy the great and sunny outdoors!

The Little Georgie Sunhats 

The blue Little Georgie sunhat.

The Little Georgie hats were created with complete sun protection in mind. Each hat protects the eyes, ears, neck, and face of the child. 

It is made of Polyester, free from harmful AZO dyes, and has a moisture absorbent lining. 

The moisture wicking lining of the Little Georgie sunhat.

Its Polyester material is UPF 50+ and complies with the Australian and New Zealand standard 4399. 

The hats also have 2 adjustable toggles (one at the back of the hat and one under the chin) for the safety of our kids. 

Under chin toggle with safety clasp.

Back of the head toggle for a better fit.

Back view of the apple green sunhat with adjusted toggle.

Aside from that, their hats come in 3 sizes:

  • 6-12 months: 49 cm  
  • 1-3 years old: 53 cm
  • 3-5 years old: 55 cm 
The sunhats come in a number of vibrant colours so finding one that your child loves would definitely be a breeze. 

We got the blue and apple green sunhats!

The sunhats regularly cost $19.95 a piece while stocks on sale can go as low as $14.95.

What We Love about Little Georgie

What I personally love about our Little Georgie hats are the adjustable toggles which gives a perfect fit for my bub's head. Aside from that, it has anti-UV features which are awesome! We also love that it has good shape and form so it does not fall floppy like our other sunhats at home.

Little Yo trying out his new sunhat.


To know more about these very useful and vibrant sunhats, or even to get some for your bubs, check out their website littlegeorgie.com.au today!!!


Note: Although the products featured in this post are gifted, the comments and reviews are my own. xx


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