5 Best Reinvented Summer Basics for Every Toddler!!!

Perth Summer is around the corner and somehow I feel like we totally skipped Spring! We just hit 38 degrees a few days back and I'm totally jumping in the nearest water bucket in a few seconds. I was planning on publishing this post on December but with this weather, I think it's totally reasonable to pack the beach bags ASAP! 

So aside from the usual sand toys, snacks, and drinks, we obviously need to get basic beach gears in check. What I'm loving about retailers is they often recreate or reinvent what is already available and make products heaps more awesome! Here is my list of the 5 best reinvented beach basics for every toddler. 

Top 5 basics: UV protected swimsuit, UV protected hat, Cancer council roll-on sunblock, hooded towel, and reusable swim nappies.

Cancer Council approved roll-on Sunblock

I would definitely start off any beach trip with sunblock and I find the best one for us are sunblocks approved by the Cancer Council of Australia. 

I have previously watched a news report about certain sunblock brands which do not perform according to their advertised level of protection. I will not name and shame these brands but I will let you know that they exist and their products are sold in stores and supermarkets in Australia. With this in mind, I now only buy sunblocks supported by the Cancer Council because they have been tested to work as advertised, like SPF 50 is REALLY SPF 50. 

If you have been following me, you would know that certain cancers run in my family and this makes me very serious in choosing only the best cancer preventing products for my bub. Our fave from the Cancer Council sunblock range is the Peppa Pig roll-on sunblock (see photo above).

What I personally love about it, aside from being Cancer Council approved, is it's Peppa Pig and it's a roll-on! My gosh whoever invented the roll-on sunblock is an absolute genius and makes my life easier. I can apply my son's sunblock with just one hand. Easy peasy! My son also loves Peppa Pig and having Peppa Pig printed on the sunblock makes him cooperate better too.

Yo enjoying the beach life. 

Full Coverage, UV-protected, Onesie Swimsuit

Boys Stripe Zip from Plum Collections.

When it comes to swimwear, I definitely love to dress my son with this onesie. Although he has swim trunks, I find he is better protected when wearing a onesie with UV protection. Our favorite is this Boys Stripe Zip from Plum Collections

What makes this product stand out is that it covers most of the extremities to protect my toddler from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Aside from this, their suits have 50+ UV protection which offers a high level of protection. Also, the suit has a zipper in front for easy changing. But more than that, their suit has a protective cloth underneath the zipper so the skin is protected from being caught in it. I reckon this is an important feature that not all swimsuits have. Lastly, their swimsuits are Chlorine-resistant which prolongs the life of the swimsuit.

This Plum Collections onesie has UPF 50+.

The zipper of the onesie is made to prevent skin injuries as well.

To know more about the other products of Plum Collections, feel free to click my review of their Spring collection.

Beach Hats with UV protection

We can never have enough beach hats. But honestly, I would prefer beach hats that also have UV protection for my bub. Thankfully we found these hats from Little Georgie which are just fabulous for the scorching summer heat!

Read more about my review of the Little Georgie hats by clicking this link

Hooded Towels

Whoever invented hooded toddler towels is a genius! I've never seen these towels in the Philippines and I'm glad they have loads of hooded towels in Australia. These towels make my life easier because they don't fall off, they could be easily used to dry the whole body ASAP without needing to expose any body part to the cold, and they come in funky designs!

This particular towel was bought from Pumpkin Patch. However, I also love the hooded towels sold in Target. I find the hooded towels in Target are more absorbent than the ones I bought from Pumpkin Patch.

Reusable Swimming nappies

Disposable swimming nappies are definitely costly and I love these Paddle pants or reusable swim nappy from Seedling Baby. This washable swim nappy is the result of 2 years of research by the Seedling Baby group and is intended to prevent leaks of any nasties from your bubba.

This is appropriate for toddlers 16 kilos and under and can be adjusted to fit different sizes. What I love about this nappy is it's environmentally sustainable, simple to use, and economically sound. 


So those are my top 5 reinvented, basic beach must-haves! Do you have fave swim products that make life easier for you and your kids? Feel free to comment below as I'm dying to know. xx

Cheers supermum!


Note: The Plum Collections swimsuit and Little Georgie hat are gifted but all comments and reviews are my own. xx


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