A Review of Our New Storybook: Prince Johan won't go to Sleep by CreateMe Books!!!

Books, books, books.

What would the world be without them?

When I was little girl, I was addicted to books as these transport me to another world, open my eyes to different cultures, and expand the reaches of my imagination. The longest series I read as a kid was Sweet Valley, the series I couldn't put down in High School was Harry Potter, but my one true love in Uni days would always be Shakespeare's plays. 

Johan stars in his very own storybook!

As a parent, I too want my son to develop a love for books. Although I don't force this upon him, I make sure we have children's books available for him any time he wants a story. Aside from that, I try my best to read him one book a day. 

I met Lisa, the owner of Create Me Books, through the Aussie Parenting Bloggers group. Her business specializes in creating personalised sleep time books for children. I have been very eager to get my child a personalised book even before he was born, so I wasted no time and collaborated with Lisa.

My toddler browsing his book.

Making the Book Online

What I love about the book, aside from it being personalised, is how easy it can be crafted through the CreateMe website. It has choices and prompts for the least tech-savvy parent (that's me) and it is basically fool-proof. Another thing I love about it is the personal message I can add for my child to be printed in the beginning of the story book. 

Parents' message page for their child in the beginning of the storybook.

This book is most appropriate for toddlers to preschoolers and contains lots of imaginary creatures and animals for the ultimate bedtime story.

Since the business is still in its early stages, there are only 2 bedtime stories available - one for a girl and another for a boy. Eventually, I reckon Lisa would expand this business and create more stories or book types. 

This book was created and 100% self-funded by Lisa Budd-Wilson.

If you're looking for a personalized bedtime storybook to add to your children's library, you may check out the Create Me Books website today and make your kids the hero in their new bedtime storybook! 

Cheers supermum!!!



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