Our Mandurah Christmas Lights Cruise Experience!!!

It's 6 weeks before Christmas! Put up the Christmas tree, watch Home Alone DVDs, and take a sip of hot cocoa (in summery Perth, it's iced cocoa). 

Being a Filipino, we usually start Christmas preparations on September. Two months ago, I went shopping in Manila and voila! - Michael Buble's "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" was playing. Christmas lights and decor too were being set up in almost all public places. I honestly miss the festive mood in Manila during the -ber months (September - December). I also miss seeing the unique and colorful lanterns being sold on the streets when we drive around the city. I often feel like I should bring that cheer with me to Australia.

Thankfully, the Mandurah Christmas Lights cruise will open again this December and I reckon it is the best Christmas activity I did with my family last year here in Perth/Peel region.

Even if I miss the celebratory feels in Manila, I'm glad there is something that spreads Christmas cheer here in Mandurah, WA.

The Christmas Lights cruise is operated by Mandurah Cruises and it runs from December 1 until early January. The cruise boards in front of the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre and sails to the inner canals of homes in Halls Head, Mandurah. The entrance fee is $33 per adult and $18 per child (1-12 years old). 

All aboard!!!

View from the boat's second floor.

Our family took this cruise last year and I was elated by the enthusiasm of Mandurah residents to decorate their homes with hundreds of fairy lights and Christmas ornaments. 

How lovely are these houses?!?

The cruise lasted for an hour and it was a swell trip overall. The staff were friendly and accommodating. The weather and ambiance were awesome as well as the view! However, food wasn't included in the entrance fee but these can be bought onboard. Also, prams are not allowed on the cruise so you may want to leave it in your car.

My suggestions for improvement of the cruise is to have the sound system checked before it starts. On our cruise experience, the sound system malfunctioned and we barely heard the tour guide. Also, I would suggest to play a soft Christmas background music while on the cruise to add more Christmas feels.

Here are some more pictures of the lovely houses:

Honestly, my photos don't do justice to how lovely the houses were during the cruise. They were so colorful and brilliant. I think I should purchase a new camera more suited for night time shooting.

Johan and I aboard the Christmas lights cruise.

We enjoyed the cruise and we are excited to try it again this year! If you would like to try out the Christmas Lights cruise for yourself, feel free to visit the Mandurah Cruises website and book now! The cruises are often fully booked on holidays so it's best to book early. I remember last year, we barely made it to one because of the tight booking schedule. See you there!

How about you? What are your favorite family holiday activities? 

Happy Holidays supermum!



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