Perth Summer is here! It's time for Adventureworld!!!

This Spring season feels so much like Summer and my son wants nothing more but to live in the bath! He used to hate baths but now, I can't even get him out!

Thankfully, a gigantic bath tub (kidding!) exists in Perth called Adventureworld! It is the go-to place for all kids and thrill-seekers to come soak all day.

Entrance to Adventureworld.


We went there for the first time and the place did not disappoint - it actually exceeded my expectations! What we love about Adventureworld is its mix of a theme/adventure park with a water park. It has tons of activities that caters to all age groups. It also had a lot of amenities available like lockers for rent, food stalls, huge toilets and showers, first aid station, and cabanas for rent.

Adventureworld lockers for rent.

One of the small toilets and first aid station in the water park.

Toddler/Preschooler pools

For our bubba, he and dada soaked in enormous pools with features suited for toddlers and preschoolers such as giant water buckets, mushroom water fountains, little gnome villages, slides, showers, etc.

One of the shallow pools for the little ones.

Another pool for the little ones.

Adult rides

Adventureworld, being a family friendly park, is also equipped with rides for the parents. One of the most popular rides is the Kraken, which shoots the passenger out of a tube and into a giant funnel! Honestly, I have tried other water parks before but the rides here gave me the adrenaline rush I was looking for. It was absolutely thrilling! Even the boring-looking slides got me scared! I honestly love all the adult slides of Adventureworld and I recommend the bigger slides for older kids to adults.

The Adventureworld map.

Where do we go next?

The Toddler rides

After playing in the water for hours, our 2 toddlers in tow decided to try the kids' rides like the turning barrels and jungle jeep rides. 

The turning barrels for toddlers and preschoolers.

My kind of jeep! Jungle jeep for the little ones.

Giant swaying ship for older kids.

The rollercoaster for older kids.

Walking through the dragon's kingdom.

We feel small in this path with these giant flowers!

Adventureworld is a smoke-free zone.
The Adventureworld zoo

We also dropped by the mini zoo were they were acquainted with the peacock, kangaroo, dingoes, and koalas. Isn't it amazing that they also have a mini zoo inside?!

Entrance to the zoo.

Can you spot the kangaroos?

Pathway through the zoo.

How relaxed is this peacock.

The Dingo lair.


The 3 Koalas in the zoo.

We capped our adventure with a family picnic. The entire park is surrounded by vast, grassy areas and it was easy to find a good spot where we could set up our mini tent, blankets, and food.

With the best mates!


My tips for improvement based on our visit are to increase the staff on the floor to accommodate the demands of customers and to have a warm shower option for the cooler seasons. Otherwise, the park is all good and we love it!


All in all, our trip to Adventureworld was a blast and I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars! We would definitely visit this place again this season! We find it is totally worth going to and there are numerous things set up to entertain the whole family!

Check out the Adventureworld website for more information and the latest news/deals for this season!

How do you like Adventureworld? What are your other favorite Summer family activities and places to visit?

Cheers Supermum!



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