Bugis: Affordable, Delish Singaporean Street Food in QC

Clockwise from L: the unassuming exterior of Bugis in QC; noodles as placed in a soup bowl, the Hainanese combo platter, the laksa pot simmering in an aluminum pot.
Craving for an authentic Singaporean dish in Quezon City? And on a budget too?

Look no further and head on to Bugis Singaporean Street Food!

Location: 81 Nicanor Roxas Street, Quezon City 

Budget: PhP 150-200 per head or less! 

Ambiance: Indoor street food hawker style

Business Hours: 8:00 am to 12:00 mn Tuesday to Sunday; 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Mondays  

Must try: Laksa pot and Hainanese chicken 

Parking: Roadside parking that's nastier during weekends

The Ambiance

It is almost a hole in the wall but you'll be surprised how jam-packed the place is especially on weekends, which is a testament to its popularity. I heard it is quite a famous pilgrim site where I learned students from the U belt troop to. 

We learned about this place from my brother who frequents it with his classmates.
Interior set-up with plastic tables and chairs. Expect this place to be more packed during weekends.
The ambiance exudes the vibe of street food dining such as that of the Singaporean hawkers. Nothing fancy what with plastic tables and chairs, with smoke bellowing from the kitchen. 

I've only gone to Singapore twice and one can easily spot hawkers at around every corner. Theirs have more tables and chairs with a big kitchen and even bigger vent space as there are no walls around. 

I recollect the regular Singaporean office worker in corporate garb, nitpicking with chopsticks on small food platters for breakfast, with a milo dinosaur drink in one hand. This proves the popularity of these humble street food spots to Singaporeans. 

The Menu

The Menu Cover Page

The Numnums or Pica-Pica

Breakfast available at 8 am!

What We Ordered

We ordered the best-sellers during our recent visit here. Though the waiter enumerated a lot, we settled with the most famous - the Laksa pot and their version of the Hainanese chicken. 

My wife tried to order without looking at the menu. She asked for Milo Dinosaur and Cerealed Prawns but they don't have it. She suggests that these be added in the Menu because these are popular hawker foodstuff as well. 

The Laksa pot, a hot pot of herbs and spices, with boiled shrimp, egg, squid, fish balls, with thin noodles is arguably the centerpiece of their menu. It is quite famous among the diners too.

The laksa pot teeming in spiciness and flavor.
The Hainanese chicken was also one of their best-selling dishes. It was tenderly braised and lightly flavored. You can fully use the four condiment sauces and it goes well with the succulent piece of chicken.
The lightly flavored Hainanese chicken.
We also ordered fishballs on the side, which you can enjoy with at least two sauces: the spicy sauce and the plum sauce.
Fishball as side dish.
The sauces: plum (L) and spicy (R) sauce.

Sour-Sweet Punctuation

As a sour-sweet ending to the rather spicy and stomach-filling lunch, we sampled the Koori brand yoghurt sandwich bars available there. 

The sandwich bar proved too heavy for a single person so it is best shared for two. It is also a sour yoghurt, so we were a bit challenged especially for our palate accustomed to sweet-tasting yoghurt. However, we loved the green tea pistachio variant the most. 

Green Tea Pistachio yoghurt sandwich.

Frookie Monster yoghurt sandwich.

Berry Velvet yoghurt sandwich.
 The Verdict

With its flavorful sampling of Singaporean street food at a downright affordable cost, Bugis is accessible to both the budget-conscious and fine food aficionados. I give this experience a perfect 5 searing, spicy laksa pots out of a possible 5. 

I am definitely coming back and bringing my friends here!

They serve breakfast, brunch and an amazing repertoire of Asian fusion food, with a cash only payment option.  
You may also reach them via phone at (02) 732 6490.



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