What to Expect on Your First Flawless Facial

This week, I chose to share my Flawless experience with no less than my husband (I had to drag him to accompany me!). We decided to pay Flawless Trinoma a visit.

We perused through their services and because we are on our #tipidtips moment, we chose to get the service that is most affordable for us - the Classic Facial!!! This procedure costs only Php 399 per person. 

We arrived at Flawless around 10:30 am but due to the minimal number of staff for the morning shift, we were accommodated at around 11:30 am. While waiting, I watched their programs and lounged around on their pink couch. 

I also played with Novexpert products which are my fave right now, especially the Repulp mask.

I was called in first while my husband waited at the lounge. Before we entered the treatment room, I was asked to sanitize my hands first.

The treatment room is not a singular type of room like in other facial centers I've tried. There are approximately 10 treatment beds in the room. So basically, you could also hear the therapists chatting with each other while you are having your treatment. Nevertheless, I tried to stay focus in my own experience and did not let it bother me. I think I'll be okay as long as the intended effect on my face satisfies me.

What I loved about their treatment room is its pink color. Sorry na. But I really love pink. Also, the tools they used on me are brand new and sterile. That is also something very important to me.

The treatment started with some facial cleansing and cream treatments. After that, she exposed my face to some mild steam to open up my pores. While waiting for the treatments to take full effect, my therapist also wrapped my hands in warm electric mittens and massaged my hands thereafter. 

After the treatments and steaming, she started pricking pimples, white heads, and black heads I presume. Pricking has always been painful for me wherever clinic I go so basically I sucked the pain up. Like what my therapist said, "Tiis Ganda."

After pricking, she placed some soothing cream on my face as a final touch.

What we loved most about our visit is the use of new, sterile facial tool kits. Also, we loved the fact that we didn't bleed nor scar after! I have visited some clinics before that really made my face red and scarred after treatment. I am so amazed that after our facial, we weren't bloody and red at all!

Fresh-faced us!

All in all I think they did a great job. Even if we were placed in a common treatment room, the effect of the treatment on our faces were fabulous! I rate my experience 3.5 cozy hot pink sofa lounges out of a possible 5!

See you again in 2 weeks Flawless center Trinoma!


Note: Although the service featured in this post is gifted, the comments and reviews are my own. xx


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