JacqWritesWorld visits Best Food Forward 2014!!!

Today I got invited by Nuffnang to attend the Best Food Forward 2014. As it is my first food fair to ever attend, I am really excited!

Our ride to the event was sponsored free of charge by Grabtaxi, my favorite cab ride provider. 

I will only be featuring my fave food booths in this post - which means I really did taste them! These were the booths/brands which opened early and gave both me and my hubby the most heavenly, palatable experience... which we recommend you'd try too. 

I'm sorry I cannot vouch for booths that didn't offer taste tests or those which opened later because we arrived in the morning and left before lunch time. 

Here's my list of notable food booths:

1. Kewpie Roasted Sesame Salad Dressing

I first heard about this salad dressing from a close friend in Youth for Christ (YFC) and co-researcher Julie. The first time I tasted it, it was so divine!!! 

I am a salad lover and this dressing absolutely brings a new vibe to my meal time aside from the usual dressings I use. 

A small bottle costs Php 200+ and I highly recommend that you give this a try. It's really worth it. In the bazaar, the big bottle was sold at approximately Php 400+. Sulit talaga!

My favorite salad dressing.

And others also use the dressing for making pasta sauce.

2. Cookies by The Bald Baker

These cookies by the Bald Baker were chewy, gooey, and yummy! I think it is most appropriate for kids' parties and the like. It's a little bit on the sweet side so I think those who are wary of their sugar levels should notify the bakery for specifications for their orders - like lessening the amount of sugar in the cookies, etc.

Overall, their products appeal more to the kids (and maybe kids-at-heart of course). 


Love these! 

3. Microwave jar cakes by Voila!

These jars contain all elements for a perfect microwave cake (just add hot water). They come in different flavors too! These were among the most popular food brands to be given as gifts during the holidays. 

4. Softshell crab burgers from the Crunchy Crab

It was my first time to munch on softshell crab burgers and the experience was pleasant and fresh! I love the taste of crabs and the idea to make it a burger was quite unique. Definitely something worth trying. 

Softshell crab burger

The Price List

5. Caramel Apples from The Bad Apple

I've tasted a lot of caramel apples and this is by far the best I've had. Really yummy caramel and the apples were just right in crunch and texture.

Their packaging reminds me of Snow White taking a bite at the witch's apple. Only this apple is wickedly yummy. 

Want some apples?

6. Various food dips from Deep Dips Foodstuff

Who doesn't love bagoong? Because I love it to bits! Since dried fish preserved in glass jars like Gourmet's Tuyo and Zaragosa sardines are becoming a staple in Filipino homes, this is another addition to your "brands-to-choose-from" list. 

They have a wide range of sauces, dips, and even viands such as bagoong, tinapa, bacalao, tuyo, and even tomato eggplant for pasta. We were filled to the brim by this booth as they served Jasmine rice to go with their gourmet creations if you want to have a taste. 

I need green mangoes STAT!

7. Margarita's Paella

This Paella Negra recipe by Margarita was also one of our faves! It was really good! It had a lot of seafood in it and they used squid ink to give that rice the perfect black color. Yummy!

Paella Negra

8. Macarons by The Tuileries Confections

These sweet treats would not make it to Spot's 10 Yummy Eats for nothing. They are really good! The texture, flavors, and even the smells of the different macarons were divine! 

Truly a must-consider when choosing food gifts... or choosing a pastry to enjoy coffee with.

Macarons for tasting

Paris-inspired decor

9. Pastries from The Breadery 

We bought a lot of these when we went to the food fair because it was definitely something our relatives would be interested in - soft, healthy, unique-tasting bread. It had a natural sweetness to it and the flavors used were unique. I love the Earl Grey bread most! 

Yummy Earl Grey Tea bread

10. Pastries from The Brown Baker

I haven't tasted Stollen before. Heck, I didn't even know what it was! Apparently this originated in Germany. It is a bread with lots of fruits and nuts. 

What we loved from this booth, aside from the yummy pastries, were various tastes brought in from other cultures that we have never tried before. 

Stollen bread

Classic Original Dark Chocolate brownies
If those foodie booths didn't whet your appetite, I don't know what does. Thank you Nuffnang for sponsoring this trip to yummy land. 

'Til the next food fair! 




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