Nestle Super/Star Day Away at The Greenery!!!

Last weekend, Nestle, in partnership with Nuffnang, invited us to go on a Super/Star Getaway to the picturesque 'The Greenery' in Baliwag, Bulacan.

The panoramic view of The Greenery is simply picturesque.
I have not been to this place before and it was also my first time working with Nestle so this got me and my husband really stoked!

Kikay Talk Over Brekky 

Our meeting place was at the Pancake House in Bonifacio High Street. 

The bloggers were gathered in the summery ambiance of Pancake House in Bonifacio High Street.

Immediately we were welcomed by the organizers who set us to our respective tables. While waiting for the entire team to arrive, a sumptuous breakfast was served - pancakes and Nestle yogurt drinks to kickstart the day. I personally went for an Almond waffle while Eric got a Blueberry-flavored one.

A brekky welcome. Why, thank you!
Of course, a taste of Nestle's fruit selection yoghurt drink. Yum!

I'd drink me up some healthy yoghurt drink to start my hectic day.

We also got a chance to chat with Martha of The Beauty Junkee about blogging life and kikay tips over breakfast. She sure knows a lot about make-up and skin care! I have come across her blog many times and she is among the top Beauty bloggers in the country so check her blog out!

The Bus Trip

After our brekky, we hopped on our bus heading to The Greenery. It was a long 2-hour ride but we were kept comfy and well-fed by our sponsors with pastries and KitKat bars. Thank you so much!

And of course, the obligatory trip selfie.

We are excited!

We arrived at The Greenery by lunch time. We alighted the bus welcomed by the scorching noon heat. It felt like summer all over again! Thank God some of the organizers greeted us with umbrellas to protect us from the cruel UV rays.

Finally after a few stops and bumps in the road, we arrived safe at The Greenery.

The cottages here in The Greenery sure exude a lot of that American country feel, in pleasing pastels of course.

Woohoo! Can't wait to see the lighthouse!
Healthy Mediterranean Lunch

Our venue was an enormous open cottage with an infinity pool on the side. The table setup spoke a lot about a summery beach escape. There were shells and sand everywhere. And everything was yellow and blue! It was summer divinity! 

The mini stage.

The stunning infinity pool.

Let me just dissect that panorama a bit: a watch house on your left, and poolside villas on your left.
Without haste, lunch was served and so we helped ourselves to the Mediterranean buffet prepared for us, courtesy of The Greenery!

Bloggers queuing for the Mediterranean buffet.

Their table preparations were exquisite and well thought of. Here are some pictures I took. Aren't the preps lovely?

Just a sample of their beachside inspired table setup.

Remaining faithful to the fitness and health theme of the event, fresh fruits are laid on the table.

This one looks like a romantic lunch table for sweethearts on a beach vacation.

Ahhh... The lemon and basil leaves-infused water was refreshing. This was my fave beverage in the event if you would believe.

The menu included Potato and Leek Soup, Various Greek salads and dressings, Kebabs, Pavlova, Unlimited fruit bowls, and of course, heaps of Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt.

I would like to add that of all events I have gone to, the food served in this event is among the best-tasting and well-blended menu I have ever had.

My Fave Potato and Leek Soup.

Yummy Pita!!!

Another fave <3

A sweet punctuation to that healthy lunch, Nestle fruit selection yogurt Buco nata flavor. Eric's favorite!

We ate to our heart's content and mingled with lots of new bloggers. I personally met the awesome mommy blogger Aubrey of Reigning Still and Badet of Badudets

Here with mommy blogger Aubrey with the event's youngest blogger, baby Skye.
Aubrey brought her baby, Skye, together with her supportive husband. When I asked her why she brought Skye, she told me she is breastfeeding her all the way. I found that super amazing! I have always been an advocate of breastfeeding for neonates and infants, being a former NICU nurse, and I'm glad Aubrey is one of those moms who really try to give their best to their children. :)


A short program started with our emcee, Kat Alano, introducing the new Nestle #mySUPERFOOD campaign. She showed us the Flipagram video she made for the campaign too! Later on, introduced onstage is the Marketing Manager of Nestle, Shanine, who gave us a warm welcome.

Kat Alano, gorgeous in a white flowing maxi, emceed the event.

Nestle Marketing Manager Shanine spilled us the beans on the newest Nestle fruit selection campaign.

The #mySUPERFOOD Flipagram Challenge

Thereafter, they launched a #mySUPERFOOD Flipagram challenge which we would be shooting in the venue.

We were given two hours to complete the task. I must say it was a scorching, challenging, and mind-wracking task. But we were able to do it and we had loads of fun! Here are some shots we took from the making of the video. You can view the finished Flipagram video here.

Relishing on #MySuperfood

Naturally the Greenery's sights provided the scenic backdrop to our photo shoot.

Squinting under the scorcher, we shoot photos to our heart's content.

A bagful of yogurts

After the event, we were given loot bags full of Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt goodies! Also, the bag came with a Strawberry USB. How cute is that?!

They thoughtfully placed our photos on the giveaway bag.
"Just a bagful of yogurts, makes the medicine go down." Forgive me, but the sight of this makes me as joyful as a Julie Andrews movie.
Just some of the captured memories we got to take home.
I personally love the bag design because it was created with so much thought and appreciation. I would like to commend the photographer, Arnold, who patiently took photos of us. He stood in the unrelenting heat of the sun to take our shots. Thank you!

Thank you Nestle and Nuffnang!

It was a warm but fulfilling day. We thank Nestle and our Nuffnang family who invited us to this event. More power to all of you!

My Nuffie girl, Monika.
Posing with Martha of Beauty Junkee. Pleased to meet you!

Posing with the day's emcee, Kat Alano!

And of course, with the pretty Kim Jones!

I super encourage you to join the NFSY Flipagram challenge. It's uber fun and easy to complete! Plus it stands you a chance to win a Trip for 4 to Bali, a Trip for 2 to The Farm at San Benito, or a Trip for 2 to Lilom Resort

Check their Facebook page at Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt to know more about this campaign! 

Weekly winners of the challenge will also get Gift Packs from Nestle and may even star in their very own Commercial which will be uploaded on the official Nestle YouTube account and will also be placed on electronic billboards around the metro!

This contest is until November 17, 2014 only. So what are you waiting for? Be a Super / Star and Join today!

Lots of love and sunshine,


  1. Hey! It was so nice meeting you Jacq. Sad that I wasn't able to see you at the Blogapalooza. Anyway, can I borrow our picture? Wala pala kong picture natin. Hehehehe! :)

    1. Hey Aubrey! It was nice meeting you too! ;) Hugs!!!


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