My First Ever Blogapalooza!!!

When In Manila and Our Awesome Planet teamed up to host last week's Blogapalooza 2014!!! Since I just started blogging on December last year, I wasn't able to attend Blogapalooza 2013 which I heard from other bloggers was just awesome! This year, I made it a point to definitely be there!

There was so much to love about the event. But I'll shortlist here the booths that I fancied the most.

1. Gaming Library

Board games from Gaming Library

My friends have been playing a game called Pandemic and they posted the picture of it on Ig. Ever since I saw that, I was intrigued about the game. First, I am a nurse so disease intrinsically interests me. Second, I was a Health Policy student in UP so epidemics and diseases are just right up my alley.

Can you save humanity?

While perusing from booth to booth, I suddenly saw a Pandemic game board in one booth! This got me excited as we were allowed to play the game right then and there! I think we spent 2 hours in their booth. Lol! Aside from that, we were asked to do tasks to get a discount. I believe my discount card has piled up to 20% off any board game! 

Playing Pandemic
We were able to find 3 out of 4 cures on our first try. Not bad for first timers but I believe on our next try, we would definitely wipe out the epidemic! Cheers to the Gaming Library for bringing in awesome board games to the Philippines!

3 down, 1 more to go.

2. Sample Room

I have been a Sample Room user since 2014 and I am enthralled to see their beautifully arranged powder room-inspired kikay booth. 

What I love about SR is that they give the public a chance to try products first before buying bigger sized products. 

3. Flawless

As a member of the Flawless Circle, I would definitely vouch for Flawless as among my fave Skin Care brands in the country. Their products are effective and also affordable. They didn't hold back from giving tons of Freebies in their booth either.

Gals queue the Flawless booth for a beautiful treat.

4. Canon

Canon is the camera we use when doing shots, aside from the handy iPhone. 

The Canon journal with the Crocs multi-colored pen.

They created a photo booth for the participants and Canon users are given an awesome Canon photographer's journal with lots of cool tips on how to capture better photos. Perfect for novice photography enthusiasts like me! Here are some of the tips for a sneak peak. 



5. Dr. Kong

This brand is a new discovery for me and I learned a lot by visiting their booth. They gave all participants free foot analysis and membership card which entitles the bearer a discount upon purchase. For comfy and foot shape friendly shoes, try Dr. Kong! Visit their FB page here!

Foot analysis for all participants.

6. Krispy Kreme

This was my first Make-your-own doughnut experience! Though the doughnut I made was too sweet, it was still fun making them. A lot of kids loved this booth too. Visit the KK website here!

The line starts here. 

Loving these KK hats.

Our personalized doughnuts.

7. Authority Hoodie

I loved this booth since they made us hit balloons using a ninja star! And their hoodies are cute! Visit the AH Facebook page here!

Shooting a ninja star.

8. Habitat for Humanity

When we were in college, my husband and I were members of Youth for Christ and we often did builds with Gawad Kalinga. Habitat for Humanity reminded us of that and our responsibility to help our brethren, especially those who have lost houses and were affected by calamities. If you are interested to volunteer, visit their website here to register.

9. Look It's About Me

One of the prettiest booths ever is Look It's About Me. They create personalized children's books and stories come with a wide range of characters and scenarios- from space rangers to princesses. If ever I have  a kid in the future, I would definitely get him/her a set of these personalized books. Visit their website here!

Personalized book from Look It's About Me.

Other booths we were able to visit (but unable to take a picture due to exhaustion) were Ace Water Spa, Bioessence, SkyCable, Easy Taxi, Yellow Cab, House of Lasagna, Crocs, Ideal Vision, and Zap! There were so many brands and I would recommend going here especially to new bloggers like me.

Honestly, we weren't able to visit all booths because we were dead tired carrying all the freebies. Would you believe I took home 5 long umbrellas aside from two large goody bags? Anyway, I'll try to do better next year and try to visit more booths,

Be sure to catch this year's edition of Blogapalooza! You'll surely enjoy it!



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