Bloggers United Australia Does Chrissie!!!

If you've been following this blog for a while, then you'd know that I joined the Halloween swap hosted by Bloggers United Australia last October. This December, they created another activity - a Kris Kringle ala Secret Santa for all members of Bloggers United Australia!  

I joined because I loved the Halloween Swap so much. It turned out that this Chrissie swap was even more fun because of a twist! For the Christmas swap, there was no buddy system like in the Halloween swap so we did not know who would give us a gift, pretty much like a secret Santa.  

Anyway, my secret Santa turned out to be Jackie Mellor! I was so surprised and happy to know that it's Jackie! I have been following her blog and Instagram account (@jackiemellormua) for months now and she's an honest, funny, and down to earth person. I suggest you check out her blog as well.

So here are the gifts I got from my Santa - a Chrissie outfit for my Bub from Best & Less, a teething necklace from Addi & Me, a scented candle from Voliere, a lovely Christmas card, and some candy cane lollies! 

I was so elated to receive my gifts because it shows that Jackie spent some time getting to know me and what I would like to receive. I'm just so happy with my gifts!

Have a Merry Christmas to you all, especially to Jackie and the Bloggers United Australia team for hosting another successful event and for spreading some Christmas cheer!

Lots of Love,


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