Celebrate a Spellbinding Christmas at Perth CBD!!!

Christmas is this week! I can hardly believe it! This year came by so fast for our family - having a risky pregnancy, a Bub, and migrating all in one year! 

And the stunning decor scattered around the city is a huge reminder of everything that needs to be prepared for Christmas Eve. Last week, we went to Forrest Chase for some Christmas shopping and what better way to end it than by admiring the splendor that is the Christmas tree and projections they set up. 

The theme of this year, I reckon, would be something about multicultural Christmas since their showcase featured Christmas themes from different countries and locations in Perth region. I guess this is a depiction of the multiculturalism of Perth and Australia in general. 

I found the projections mesmerizing! My husband and I admire the fact that the measurements of the lively images match precisely with the measurements of the Post Office building. Here are the Christmas projections for 2015. Can you name the places depicted in each picture?

So what places were you able to identify? I think I saw Rottnest Island, Paris, and London there somewhere.

A Magical Christmas to you and your family! Enjoy the holidays!

Lots of love and Christmas cheer,


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