My 5 Fave Products for a Healthy Baby's Bum

Hey friends! I'm back! I wasn't able to write last week because both my hubby and bub had the flu. My apologies. 

Today, I would like to review the products I use for my baby's nappy change. That's right! Nappies, wipes, cream, nappy bag, and wash!

I've read from a Facebook mums group I am a member of that nappy rash is one of their recurring concerns that's why I decided to write this post. So here goes my Top 5 products to address baby's everyday bum needs!


So let's start with the most used product of them all - nappies! 

Muumi nappies and Wotnot wipes samples from Purely Natural.

I have actually used both cloth and disposable nappies on Yo. Cloth diapering is awesome if you're not sensitive to handling poop closely on a daily basis and if you're not sensitive to smells.  Cloth diapering entails removing poop from the liner, soaking the liner, then finally washing it. Many of my friends are averse to the method and the smell. If these don't bother you though, cloth diapering would then be an awesome alternative to using disposable nappies! The positive side to using cloth nappies is less chemicals to touch your baby's bum, cheaper, and you can choose from a huge array of cute nappy designs, plus it's more environment-friendly!

Muumi nappies.

I've tried using cloth nappies in the first months but eventually shifted to the next option because I found it hard to maintain, especially when my son grew up and became more active. There are times when I can barely keep up with the usual laundry, let alone washing his liners.

Since I've switched to disposable nappies, I tried a lot of brands before finding the right nappies for Yo. The nappies that we are loving right now are the Muumi organic nappies ($29.98 - $34.95) and the Coles Comfy Bots nappies ($11). 

Inside the Muumi organic nappies.

Honestly, the Muumi organic nappies are the softest nappies I've tried on my son. They're also very absorbent and did not leak. Best of all, they did not cause any rashes. If you would like to try them out first before buying, head on over to the Instagram page of Purely Natural (@purelynaturalau) to know how you could get free samples. Also, here is a link to their website if you'd like to order online

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more affordable alternative with the same awesome performance, the Comfy Bots come in cheap for only $11! I've been using this for 3 months now on Yo and it's a good, affordable brand. He just had diaper rash once using this brand which was immediately healed after I placed a good nappy cream on his bum. You can get your Comfy Bots nappies at your local Coles store or online.


Now that we are on the subject of creams, the best nappy rash cream I've tried is Sudocrem. As my husband is also a nurse, he told me that Sudocrem is highly effective and is the brand often used in hospitals for burns. I use this on Yo when he has rashes or even when I see a small hint of redness on his bum. This cream removed the redness in a few hours and healed rashes overnight. 

There was a time when he had a really bad rash after starting him on solid food. But after placing Sudocrem on the nappy rash overnight, it was so much better the next day! If you're looking for the best nappy cream for your bub, try this! I swear you can't go wrong with it! 


I've tried tons of wipes and one of the best are actually the Wotnot organic wipes ($7.95). They are super soft and absorbent. I like how dirt sticks to it. Some wipes I've tried are so disappointing as they tend to just push the dirt and grime instead of removing it from a surface. For a more affordable alternative to Wotnot, I use the Comfy Bots baby wipes ($10/480 pieces) as well. My husband loves it actually. He uses it even for house cleaning. 

If you're interested to get some of the Wotnot wipes, they're on the Purely Natural website link I posted above while the Comfy Bots wipes are sold in your local Coles.


Lastly, I will talk about the scented nappy bags. There are a lot of choices out there but some of my mum friends don't even use these because they say it's just unnecessary expense. However, our family uses these bags and we love it! It helps keep our baby's room smelling good! There was a time when I tried doing without nappy bags and I swear it was horrible to even enter my son's room because the smell of the poop lingered everywhere! 

Our faves are the Little Explorer ones ($4.67) and Once Upon A Time ($4.67). The Little Explorer has a lavender scent and is a thinner purple plastic while Once Upon A Time is a thicker beige one with powdery scent. 


Lastly, the wash we use for him is the Cetaphil baby Ultra Moisturizing bath & wash which is made for babies with sensitive skin. We just love this and Yo's skin has improved since we used this. We used the J&J baby wash before but it was disappointing because my Bub had eczema when he used it. Now that we switched, his skin is eczema-free!

So those are all the products we use to care for his bottom. Take note that we don't use any powder because we don't feel it's necessary. If you would like to put powder on your baby's bottom, I suggest you use rice powder instead of talc because talc has been reported to cause cancer. I have no idea how true that is but I read that on a health journal.

There we have it! I hope this post helps you if you have a nappy rash problem with your bub. I wish you the best and may your bub have a healthy, rash-free bum! Cheers!



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