The Perfect Way to Apply your Moisturizer according to Clarins!

Love is in the air. And the buildup to V Day would warrant the Manila girl to look her best-est for the special day. A few weeks ago, I attended a beauty workshop sponsored by Clarins to discover more about their Pioneering Expert Products. It was held at the Clarins Skin Spa in Rustan's Makati.

The workshop started with a lecture from one of the Clarins consultants on the various Clarins Oils for the face and body. She also discussed the routine on how to use the oils and also the skin type compatible for each oil product. 

Here are all the products Clarins laid out for us to try and play with.

This product is a fragrance and body treatment in one. It moisturizes and firms the skin with oils from Lemon, Patchouli, Petit Grain, Ginseng, and White tea (from

 Here are the body oils for body toning and sculpting.
This invigorating aroma for women and men, moisturises, firms and tones with essential oils of Lemon, Patchouli, Petit Grain, Ginseng and White Tea. - See more at:

Huile Anti-Eau

The Huile Lotus Body Oil is my favorite because I believe it is the one most suited for my skin type. It was easily absorbed by my skin and was not greasy at all. I absolutely love this!

Huile Lotus

Huile Orchidee Bleu

The Pioneering Expert Product, Lift-Affine Visage

Most products of Clarins address anti-aging and body sculpting concerns and they have a limited number of make-up products. One that interested me was the BB Cream which acts like a tinted moisturizer with SPF. 

I love this Beauty Flash Balm which can be used as a primer. 
After allowing us to try and learn more about their products, Clarins treated us to a Lifting Face Shaper facial treatment. The Clarins Day Spa combines the science of plant-derived products and allows the client to feel it with their senses and experience the beauty of nature's miracles in a bottle. 

The main product they used on my face was the Lift-Affine Visage, the No.1 Contouring Serum in Asia,  which targets problem areas such as double chin, puffiness, and unwanted baby fat. 

Pioneering Expert Products

What I loved most about going to their spa is learning the proper way of applying oil-based moisturizers. I call the technique Pat and Roll. When applying the moisturizer, put some on your palm then place it on your face. Afterwards, keep your hand on your face then roll your palms outward. They said that this allows the oils to be more easily absorbed on the skin. They also emphasized using the ring finger when applying products on my face since it is the weakest finger (but I assume you already know that). These techniques were used on us when they did our facials.

With my Skin therapist, Tere Acaba.

With Tere Acaba and Christine Linaga of Clarins Skin Spa.  

With bloggers Mizi and Terry.

Loot bag

Thank you so much Clarins Skin Spa and Rustan's The Beauty Source for this wonderful learning experience. I had good fun! 



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