3 Skin Care Tips for Every Woman from Clinique!

A week ago, I went to a one-on-one Skin care and everyday make-up appointment in Clinique.

Clinique Rustan's, Shangri-La

It was part of their Chinese New Year celebration to book clients, give skin care advice and make-up basics know-how, and give freebies (sample sizes OR full-sized products if you're lucky) to interested clients.

Before the workshop

My personal Skin care consultant was Mr. Gilbert Jose and here are some of his tips for health glowing skin:

  • Don't put on too much make-up. It is good to wear some make-up to look presentable but it is never advised to wear it in a thick layer. Clinique prioritizes in giving women Healthy Skin and suggests women shouldn't wear too much make-up but invest in a good skin care brand instead.
Never forget these 3 simple steps.

  • Invest on your skin. With healthy skin, you wouldn't need to put on too much make-up in the first place.
  • Know colors that work for you. I have medium skin tones with a warm undertone and I do look great in Peach or Coral blush shades and in Pinkish lip shades. So research about your skin type to know more about what would look best on you.

The workshop begain with a skin type analysis through the Clinique tablet or Fablet (fabulous tablet) as they call it. The consultant also interviewed me about my skin condition and daily skin woes. I love the Fablet because it automatically printed my analysis results and sent it via e-mail. When I checked my mail when I got home, it was there! So fab. 

The Fablet

My Personal Skin type analysis result including products that would suit my skin type.

After getting my results, he picked out the skin care and make-up products suitable for my skin type. He tested an entire skin care line on my face and I must say I loved all the products! I actually thought my skin was very oily until he told me that my skin is actually dry though I predominantly have combination skin. I learned a lot and I really had a blast!

All the skin care and make-up products I tested.

The dynamic duo of Clinique Rustan's, Shangri-La, Ms. Sharon Fajardo and Mr. Gilbert Jose.

After the consultation, they gave me samples of their skin care line most suited for my skin type.

My freebies! So glad he put an entire skin care line in the bag plus the well-loved eye cream!

I loved my visit and consultation with the Clinique staff and I learned a lot from the experience. The staff were amazing, approachable, and answered all my skin questions adequately. Thank you so much Clinique Philippines for this awesome experience!

Much love,


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