The Cancer-free Guide from Pangea Organics

This blog post was updated in January 2017.

Since my mom had Breast Cancer in 2009, our family has become more critical of the ingredients of products we use at home. We sought the help of various health professionals to guide us on how to help our mom. 

The treatment they gave her was composed of Chemotherapy and numerous lifestyle changes. Our family adopted a number of these lifestyle changes as a way of supporting mom through her ordeal. Among those habits we started, and are still doing today, include careful scrutiny of the ingredients of products we use such as in skin care, make-up, food, etc.

Thankfully, I bumped into this poster from Pangea Organics which is a simple yet thorough guide in choosing products for yourself and the ingredients we should watch out for.

An update on my mom, she has been in breast cancer remission for 5 years after 2009. However her cancer came back and has spread to her lungs in 2016. At present, my mom is doing chemo.

Photo from Pangea Organics
Are you or your loved ones battling cancer? How have this changed your lifestyle? Feel free to comment below. xx

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