The BDJ and Revlon Nail Party Beauty Soiree!

Earlier this month, I was blessed to have been invited to the BDJ Box Beauty Soiree: Revlon Nail Party Series held at the CCA Market Cafe, Podium. The goal of the event was to teach Bellas some Nail Care and Nail Art basics. Since it was co-sponsored by Revlon, we were also introduced to the latest Nail care products from Revlon.

The program proper started with a welcome message from our beloved BDJ Bella, Chelsea.

Chelsea giving her intro speech <3

The Nail Art Guru of the workshop is no other than the pretty Nicole Romero, Beauty Minister of Belle de Jour.

With the lovely Nicole Romero, BDJ Beauty Minister

Before teaching us how to paint our nails, she first asked us to Find the Right Nail Shape for our fingers based on this guide. I was actually in awe when I first saw this slide. For years I have been trying to work the square shape on my nails and they never really looked amazing on me. I kept wondering why... then I saw this! Turns out the nail shapes best for my hands are the Almond or Oval. Thanks so much Nicole for presenting this! Now I know better! <3 

Photo from Marilou of

Photo from Marilou of

After finding the right nail shape for our fingers, it was time to find the right hue. When I was younger, I used whatever color I wanted and somehow, some colors did not suit me even if it looked great on my friends. I later learned that not all hues are actually suited for everyone. You have to pick the right hue for you. Here is Nicole's how-to guide in finding the right shade for you. I personally have a warm undertone. 

Thereafter, Nicole introduced us to the latest Nail care and design innovations from Revlon. Here are some photos of the Revlon products introduced to us in the workshop (photo from Marilou of




She also taught us nail art basics which includes dotting, creating gradients (aka Ombre), hearts (since it's Valentines month), stripes (my favorite!), and many more! Here is a peek of some slides which inspired me to create my very own Nail Art.

Nicole also gave us a sneak-peek of her Valentines creation for Cosmopolitan magazine...

Afterwards, we had a Nail Art workshop where we used the latest Revlon Nail Care and Polishes in creating our own tiny pieces of art. They also prepared a Nail Art kit for us to use. The tools they laid out for us include nail polish remover, sticky tape, sponges, tissue, cotton pads, cuticle pusher, and the dotting tool.

Here are the polishes and coats sponsored by Revlon which were later given as freebies. I love them all!!! Please do check out the Scented Nail Polishes Revlon will release this year. They smell oh so good!

And here are some of our newbie creations:

Barbie-inspired creation by Chelle Campos

Valentines-inspired creation by Zhai Labarda

A first stab at Nail Art Making by me. :)
The workshop ended with tons of picture taking!

Goofing around with Rochelle and Zhai

With Arcy, Zhai, Kamila, and Paula

With sponsors from Belle de Jour and Revlon

With lovely BDJ Bella, Mitch

I truly appreciate what BDJ has done for us in this soiree. The detail in planning the event was just impeccable! They supplied everything and exceeded my expectations! Thanks for the love BDJ!

Thank you so much Revlon and Belle de Jour for inviting us to this event! I learned a lot and had fun at the same time! 'Til the next Beauty Soiree!




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