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This weekend, our family celebrated three major events in Tagaytay, Philippines. First was our grandmother's 81st birthday, second is our uncle's 54th birthday, and third was my parents' 29th wedding anniversary. 

Family picture over breakfast at Antonio's

I am very exhilarated even until today since I miss doing bonding trips with my family. It's been a long while since we got together to travel and do adventure trips and honestly, I live for that. I truly live for quality bonding times with family and friends.

Jump shot :)

Looking back, when I was still serving in Youth for Christ Campus-based in the University of the Philippines Manila, I always felt like I was more interested in bonding times and talking about "relational" topics than "functional" ones. Relational topics mainly focus on "kumustahan" or knowing how your fellow brother/sister is doing in the aspects of family, love life, academics, friendship, and service. I love these conversations because it helps me get connected once again to friends I haven't spoken to in a while or maybe just become an active part of their lives once again.  

Doing the MJ. :)
Now that I'm older, I'm still the same. I am still more relational and I highly value family time. I've always said to myself that my time on earth is short and that I should appreciate every single moment I have with my loved ones. Also, circumstances are changing rapidly in my family life. Many of my cousins have gone abroad, many have gotten or are getting married, and some relatives have passed away. These changes will just keep coming and someday maybe I'll find myself away from my family as well. So I treasure these simple moments. I treasure my family despite the many problems and squabbles we have had with each other, we are still family and I love them. I believe God has put me in this family for many purposes and among these are to simply make me happy and to help me grow into a better person.
With cousins on the Vikings in Sky Ranch, Tagaytay, Philippines

May God continue to bless you and your family! Let us always appreciate each of our family members and every moment we have with them. <3


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